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Are we lacking more concepts like the Iron Samurai series 🤔

When we think about Transformers, for the majority of us we think of the good ole G1 boys.

So when Legends Scale companies start to release these homages to the G1 fanbase we get really excited. Like for instance Newage are bringing out Jetfire.... while Magic Square seem to working on Omega Supreme, even though we will get an Omega by Pangu Toys very soon.

All of which are really awesome to be waiting for.

We then delve into the rabbit hole where Shattered Glass, Diaclone, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Hearts Of Steel, Transformers Prime, Animated hell even Bayverse and Knightverse... tbh I could go on for ages

But all these characters look the same for the majority, we even get different characters.

To my knowledge Iron Factory are the only ones so far to put a different spin on things. I know that in the IDW comics that Cyclonus is basically a samurai. But im not sure if there is anybody else that is? Of course Drift as well.

But do we have an actual different spin on the characters themselves 🤔

None spring to mind.

Iron Factory in my honest opinion broke the mould with their announcment of the Iron Samurai Series. Characters who no longer looked the way we know and love them.

So far there are 9 figures out and a ton more on the way.

So heres a quick list of whos out now.

Lio Prime, Cyclonus, Drift, Grimlock, Banzaitron, Lockdown and Bludgeon.

Then you have Nemesis Lio Prime, Shattered Glass Lio Prime, and white Drift.

Then youve got these guys who are up and coming in the near future.

Ironhide, Ratchet, Inferno, Grapple, Artfire, Prowl, Smokescreen and Blue Streak.

Personally I cant get enough of them. I love the concept of turning our fave characters into SAMURAI'S.

Look at this artwork I came across....

Prime and Megatron battling it out....

These designs fit damn well with what we've got now. And Id buy these in a heartbeat.

I would however love to see other characters being released.

Maybe say Star Saber

or how about Raiden (6 seperate)

But when it comes to the other companies, there isnt anything on the market like the I.S Series.

I would to see more concepts out there to choose from.

And are here are a few suggestions.

Hells Angels Motorcycles....

Mythological Beasts....


Hell... even fun and downright silly concepts like vending machines 🙃(not sure id buy the last one though 🤭)

The Iron Samurai Series for me remains one of the best looking (and fiddly to transform) set of figures out there. And I cant wait to get my hands on more of them.

Until next time folks.

Legends Of Cybertron.

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