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My Legendary Story... ;)

Hi, i'm John also known on Instagram as Legends Of Cybertron and YouTube as Legends Of Cybertron Reviews, or as I like to refer to it as the LOCR (locker)

on the left there is BEEMER my mascot, created by good friend Alpha Prime 88 over on instagram. just click on the instagram logo and itll take your straight to his page. 


I first started to collect Legends Scale around about when Mech Planet first brought their version of Ironhide, called Iron Tin. That was around 2018. And from there I wanted to showcase my collection and Legends Of Cybertron was created on Instagram. 

it's just gone on from there. 

Over the years my collection has grown significantly and on last count I had around 180 different figures. Although I have increased since then if only by a smidgen. 

And over the years i've come across some fantabulous (yes that is a word XD ) figures. I'll name a few here... Iron Factory Scourge, Mechanic Studios Blitzwing, Cang Toys Divebomb, Newage Ultra Magnus and Magic Square's Devastator (we'll not go there for transformation shall we, needless to say those Constructicons are staying in Devastator mode forever more)  

I would say Iron factory are my fave to buy, I love the designs and concepts. And second I would have to go with MFT.

The Dinobots, Predacons, Devastator, Ultra Magnus and The Shattered Glass continuity are my favourite characters across the Transformers Multiverse. And not forgetting Snarl is my favourite bot/altmode transformation and Ultra Magnus has a great colour scheme going for him. 

When it comes to Legends Scale there are 36 different companies around, and a few custom creators, some of course though have ceased trading but trade under another name, e.g. DX9 who apparently went their separate ways. One created Newage and the other created Magic Square. Not sure what happened to the 3rd person at DX9? The 36 companies do not represent all the other one offs or KO's that came either. There's literally tons. Both 3rd party and 

4th party.

We owe Legends Class/Scale to Hasbro. Who first brought out Legends Class back in 2005 with their range 'Legends Of Cybertron' 

Since then we've had various characters via the normal Hasbro route all the way to 3rd party companies. Who started to bring out better looking and more complex transformations of all our favourite Transfomers. 

My collecting and reviews helped me determine the 2 different scales that are available to us mere mortals. 

1st... Legends Class, Hasbro's 3.75inch figures, or 1:18 scale, which in later years spawned companies like Iron factory, Mech Planet, MFT, Pocket Toys and so on. That have been referred to as 'Legends +'

2nd... Legends Scale, these companies create smaller scaled bots around the 1:24 scale mark. And includes some really great companies , Newage, Early Magic Square bots, DX9 War In pocket, Unique Toys & Hasbro Coreclass to name a few. 

At the end of the day though all that matters is that you enjoy collecting what looks good, and what fits to your collection. 

I've met some really great people on Instagram, and have finally found what I love to do. Enjoy the site, tell your fellow Autobots orrrr Decepticons about me. And one day who knows I might see you at a convention. 

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