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The sky's the limit

For a while now we Legends collector's have had to endure the constant suffering of expensive action figure collecting.

For instance the holy grail in some peoples eyes is having that 1 figure that will complete a collection and they'll pay whatever is asking just to finish off their full set.

For a while now absolutely everyone have been searching for those types of figures. And yes we do come across them eventually (that's half the fun ;-) )

One of these figures used to be Iron Factory's Cygnus IF-EX30. Sold out within weeks and then became very hard to get hold off. Due mainly to the fact that Iron factory very rarely did re-stock's.

So such figures as IF-EX30 started to shoot up in price and the only place you could get him from was e-bay or facebook marketplace (tf groups mainly). We've all seen those prices... £80 and upwards for a figure that stands at about 6 inches tall.

Which in the old days we all thought was expensive. And for a while it was all we had.

His height was quite good standing next to Newage Starscream

It was very reminiscent of the old friends now rivals G1 cartoon height that we all know and love. Not perfect but good enough.

Fast forward to the end of 2022 and Newage announce that they will indeed be bringing a Jetfire/Skyfire out for the masses. (where you one of those rushing to palm off your IF Jetfire, hmmm)

Automatically all sorts of ideas filled your head (well they did mine lol) They'll release a EX version, a Shattered Glass version, and Transparent version and so on. While others just knew that Magic Square would indeed follow suit very shortly and they did.

As per usual I was faced with a dilemma... Which should I get first. I have this thing that I will eventually have every Legends Scale out. But which do I get first, which was the priority for me to purchase.

And Newage won. for me he looked sleeker and more pleasing to the eye. plus I loved the altmode. It was the same story with Devastator. I loved Ms-toys version better because it looked more G1, but it's transformation was a complete fricking nightmare, and not a patch on the easy transformation that Newage Devi offered.

The thing I was disappointed with was the fact that Newage Starscream looks tiny next to H45 Firefox...

Now I can't speak for Magic Square's Starscream as I don't have him. I would love him, but it was one of those decisions yet again.

But when I placed Starscream next to Ms-Toys MS-B47 Meteorite I was pleasantly surprised. I found that with MS jetfire being just a tad smaller, fits better with Newage's Starscream.

I wonder if MS-toys Starscream will fit better with Newage Jetfire, hmmm.

These 3 companies are not the only one's though that have a Jetfire out. Around the same time that Newage and Magic Square announced their versions.

We were introduced to TNT-01. A 4th party KO of Iron Factory's IF-EX 30 Cygnus. Which (thanks to fellow reviewers for this) shows that the oversized KO was indeed the same height as MS-toys Meteorite. and it's a fraction of the price.

(screenshot/pic taken from a post on here's the link to the video by Captain pioneer on youtube )

For me I think that actually works/looks better. But again that's just me.

Don't get me wrong I still love Newage's Firefox the most and he has pride of place of the ole display shelf now.

What do you guys think? Which is your fave. Let me know below.

But before I go, here are the box art for each of the figures. And in all fairness, Magic Square wins hands down.

Until next time you Legends

John (LOC)

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