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Newage about to celebrate 4yrs....

Newage posted pics of their up and coming (200th version) of their Starscream/seekers. Im only joking of course. Their seekers and coneheads come with pieces to make a spacebridge. Which is what sold it for me when I was trying to pick between Newage and Magic Square.

This version of Starscream is called H13Z Survivor Lucifer. And looks like he's the first of a new set to be released, this is what the translation said on weibo.

So straight away we see that this is a Limited Edition. And that they are classing this as SET.A. I am hoping that we don't see Skywarp and Thundercracker released with Starscream... but at the end of the day, im not it to bothered if those characters come out as well.

This war torn version though dosent look to bad. But it's not on my Xmas list if I'm completely honest.

I'm not familiar with Starscream looking like this. Im thinking this look has come from a later comic-book. I'm not sure what 'small batch hand paining' means. At a quick stab in the dark Newage are weathering this figure by hand 🤔... possibly.

What do you think about this version?

Is he worth a sale?

Here's some pics of the up and coming figure. Looks like u get a spare head and even Megatron is weathered.

Until next time you Legends 👍😀

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