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7 days of Prime

Do you remember the good ole days of Transformers.

Easy Transformations, add ur own parts that come with the figure, little instruction booklet showing how to transform said bot from altmode to robot and back again.

None were so easy to transform than Optimus Prime.

Housed by polystyrene with little slots for his cannon and hands, plus missles for the combat deck. And lets not forget Roller.

To me and ton of others he was the holy grail to buy when he came out.

Mine is currently stored away in the attic and i think it says £13.95 on the box and it was from Morrisons! Which back then was price bot people could afford. Fast forward to now and the price of a newage Slaughter is £40 without trailer 🤷‍♂️ and half the size.

But why am I creating such a post here on the BEEMERblog.

Today marks the 1st day of #sevendaysofprime hosted on instagram by G1raised and company.

And even though my G1 Optimus is stored away. Thats him below (and in no so good condition)

I wanted to get involved for the 1st time in the 3yrs this has been going.

Optimus is the character we all wanted to grow and be and when the movie hit it devastated a lot of us. Even though the movie was brilliant.

These days Optimus is one of the most released characters on the market.

Whether its official or 3rdparty and comes in all shapes and sizes.

But for me the G1 prime figure is still my sentimental fave.

Until next time you legends.

Legends Of Cybertron

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