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A multitude of Magnus...

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Ultra Magnus is one of those characters that you love the look of. The colour scheme right all the way the through to the semi truck and transporter combo he's got going on.

Not including hasbro's legends class figures. Magnus is one of those figures that seems to be out via alsorts of different companies!

The first 3 that brought this character to 3rd party life were Iron Factory, Papa Toys and Magic Square. Two big and one small.

originally that was Magic Squares packaging for their Magnus and then they went to this.

You can definitely tell which was the 1st batch of these if you ever go searching for the original box 😉

Since these 3 releases we've had a few other companies step up to the Magnus mantle. I'm gonna list them...

Iron Factory

Papa Toys

Magic Square


Cost Performance



Of course there have been 2.0 versions to a few of them which includes Magic Square, Iron Factory and MFT.

Magic square had the forethought of combining their MS-B18W White prime with an outer shell/transporter MS-P02 upgrade parts.

And also Iron Factory have a 2.0 version which I nicknamed 'the beast' 😆 basically because he's massive.

And of course MFT brought out their upscaled version of Magic Squares 1st release .

Above all this writing is my collection of Magnus's so far. All lined up so you can see the size comparison of each next to each other.

I wouldn't mind collecting all the different versions but it's one of those things that isn't quite top of my list of what to buy next 🤷‍♂️.

In addition to Ultra Magnus is the inclusion of Delta Magnus or infact Newage's multiverse Ultra magnus, which with his extra faceplate u can go with either Ultra or Delta depending on whether u want Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus or plain ole Delta. Personally I've gone with SG Ultra 👍😀👍(especially now that Shattered Glass 2 is out and looks like Delta)

Papa toys version was always my favourite until Newage brought theirs out and Iron Factory gave us the BEAST. Now he's collecting dust behind the Arks leg.

Newage for me is the best version of him if im honest and im pretty much a Iron Factory fan. He looks like G1 movie Magnus to me and fits nicely into my growing collection.

But which is your fave version? Let me know.

Until next time you Legends.

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