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How many Primes do we need...?

Optimus Prime is thee ultimate character in many peoples eyes. But how many Optimus Primes can we actually have.

The above pic was posted on weibo a few days back and shows Newage's different versions of our beloved Autobot leader.

But in all honesty is that an obseen amount of versions for us to consider buying between the prices of 50 to 100+ pounds each?

Let's not forget the 2 lucky draw editions, 1 of Ultra Magnus (with a Prime mould inside) and the Optimus Lucky Draw.

We also have the Toxitron version, dead Prime, EX version, comic version, transparent version, Shattered Glass Prime and so on. In total currently your looking at 16 different coloured primes (4 X Magnus is included in that as well)

1 might argue that these are different characters, which is great. You might even have collected them all. Again, also great. But how people in this day and age can afford such a haul? I know I can't.

Currently ive got SG Prime and Ultra Magnus.

Newage are not the only ones to do this. Number 1 Prime culprit is Hasbro. Their Kingdom range saw I think it was 3 or 4 different versions including a coreclass figure.

Do we really need so many versions of Prime out there to choose from?

What about other characters that we actually asking for?

Sunstreaker, Predacons, Protectorbots and combaticons to name a few of the top of my head.

Even Magic Square and Iron Factory have brought out a load of primes.

For most of us we sit here scratching our heads at which one to get first.

And then can't get it because its sold out!

Either way we have to make our minds up pretty early, but the majority of us Legends buffs already know there's more of the same mould on the way because that's what Newage does 🤷‍♂️

Until next time folks.

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